Selected Works

An American love story with Cold War complications.
Three women--a composer, a galley cook, and a climate change geologist--take jobs in Antarctica where they fall in love and into trouble.
A moment of simultaneous grace and injustice leads to the unraveling of three lives.
Two sisters unveil the truth about their brother's disappearance.
Lori, an adult bicycle mechanic, learns to read -- and much more.
Sports and adventure stories.
For Kids
Armchair travel to Antarctica.
Victoria saves an endangered continent.
River wants to make the WNBA!
A mountain lion prowls into an urban neighborhood.
Two girls survive in a mountain storm.

New York Times Book Review's review of A Thin Bright Line

New novel coming in 2018!

My next novel THE EVOLUTION OF LOVE -- based on the idea that those who develop the muscles of cooperation and compassion, who learn to strengthen community ties across race and gender, will not only survive in times of crisis but will prevail -- just sold. The story takes place in Oakland and Berkeley, in the hills, flatlands, and on the bay. Releasing Spring 2018.

A new audiobook

Thirty-three years ago, a young girl escaped her survivalist father in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness. Now as she returns, with the help of two hired guides, to find what remains of the cabin and her childhood, she makes an astonishing discovery.

You can order the audiobook here: Girl With Boat

Another new audiobook

After decades of marriage, a wife looks at her husband and sees, "A man in longing. For what I couldn't have said." As she follows him into Yellowstone National Park and deep into his burgeoning obsession with the wild, she struggles to find the right balance between supporting and enabling what seems more and more to be her husband's desire to become a member of a wolf pack. A fascinating look at isolation and connection in all its forms - between generations, between species, and even between people who have shared a lifetime side by side.

You can order the audiobook here: Wolf

So fun that Shebooks published my novella, The Found Child.

A tale of unauthorized parenthood. When the mother of their beloved little boy shows up on their doorstep, two doting dads are faced with a test: How far can you go—and who can you hurt—to save your only child?