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Selected Works

An American love story with Cold War complications.
Three women--a composer, a galley cook, and a climate change geologist--take jobs in Antarctica where they fall in love and into trouble.
A moment of simultaneous grace and injustice leads to the unraveling of three lives.
Two sisters unveil the truth about their brother's disappearance.
Lori, an adult bicycle mechanic, learns to read -- and much more.
Sports and adventure stories.
For Kids
Armchair travel to Antarctica.
Victoria saves an endangered continent.
River wants to make the WNBA!
A mountain lion prowls into an urban neighborhood.
Two girls survive in a mountain storm.

Recent News

A new novel, The Evolution of Love, will be out in May.

Film rights to A Thin Bright Line have sold.

Released in 2016, A Thin Bright Line is an American love story complicated by Cold War politics, the Civil Rights movement, and the impossible compromises of queer life in the 1950s and 60s. An extraordinary woman rises above the restraints of her time. Based on a true story.

"It triumphs as an intimate and humane evocation of day-to-day life under inhumane circumstances." - New York Times Book Review

"A stirring and deeply felt story." - Kirkus Reviews

"Empowering and bold...Bledsoe injects life and dimension through her often stunning dialogue. With heart and zest, the author depicts Lucybelle’s slice of life as both pleasant and harrowing." - Publishers Weekly

"Bledsoe’s novel is an absolute wonder. Combining a McCullers-like facility in letting her settings tell half the story with characterization and dialogue worthy of Harper Lee, Bledsoe dives deep into the life of her protagonist...A Thin Bright Line will help widen the metaphorical crack in the chains that bind those who are outside of societal norms." - New York Journal of Books

"Berkeley author Lucy Jane Bledsoe shows the sexy side of the 1950s in her new novel, A Thin Bright Line." - San Francisco Chronicle

"Author Lucy Jane Bledsoe is an impressively gifted novelist who in the pages of her latest epic, "A Thin Bright Line" is able to consistently engage her readers rapt and total attention from cover to cover." - Midwest Book Review

"Gripping historical fiction about queer life at the height of the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement." - Alison Bechdel