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This Wild Silence, a novel

"I like to tell Liz that I'm her dark side," says Christine, narrator of the novel. And it's true—she and her sister, Liz, are indeed opposites. Christine, a doctor in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, is buried in her work and cannot connect meaningfully with any of the women with whom she falls in love. Liz, married to her high school sweetheart, Mark, has an outwardly perfect life, but her fierce control is beginning to falter. The sisters share a secret, one that has bound them tightly to each other for decades. Timothy, their little brother, disappeared 30 years ago, and the sisters' guilt over this event continues to haunt them both. This lifetime of deception is gradually and heartbreakingly revealed, and finally, secrets are exposed and lives give way to the kind of healing truth that provides a possibility for hope.

"A powerful, moving novel, skillfully rendered and beautifully written." —Scott Mahood, Powell's Books

"This novel is steeped in bleak memories, stressed lives, and fragile emotions—but its acidic ashes are eased by Bledsoe's brilliant range. She writes, with utmost believability, from deep inside a range of characters... This Wild Silence—a wonderfully apt title—brims with a wealth of wholly engaging, ultimately joyous, and richly diverse people whose lives, heartbreaking and humorous, resonate with humanity." —Richard Labonte, "Book Marks," Q Syndicate