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How to Survive in Antarctica

Zip up your jacket! Grab your binoculars! How to Survive in Antarctica is a cross between a survival guide and a travel guide for kids, giving lots of hands-on information about spending time on the ice continent. This book will tell you how to build a snow shelter, what to do if you fall in a crevasse, as well as how to identify whale spouts and penguin species.

Bledsoe includes lots of first hand stories about her own adventures, as well as short nuggets about the lives of people and other animals who live and work in Antarctica. Lots of photos!

"Thrilling adventure, bringing close the amazing science and geography as well as the gritty facts of human survival in the frigid environment...a fascinating journey to a little known and understood place." Booklist

"Bledsoe's enthusiasm for the wonders of Antarctica is absolutely contagious." VOYA

"Endlessly engaging." East Bay Express