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Hoop Girlz

More than anything, eleven-year-old River wants to grow up and play for the WNBA. So she's crushed when she finds her name on the B-Team instead of the A-Team. But River decides to take matters into her own hands. And the very first thing she does is change the embarrassing name of her team to "Hoop Girlz." Their goal: fun. With only five players—one, a fourth grader—River's brother for a coach, and a wet outdoor court for practicing, the Hoop Girlz know they're a long shot for the tournament trophy. But they've got heart. Will this ragtag group of second-string players be able to take on the A-Team? Or will they find out that Hoop Girlz are only a B-Team, after all?

"Bledsoe cleverly avoids most of the cliches, not only by injecting lots of against-the-grain subplots, including River's hopelessly uncool parents, artists and latter-day hippies who don't believe in competition and eat bee pollen. The basketball scenes are well constructed and realistic, the humor is fresh, and the characters are believeable. Good fun for hoop girls and boys alike." Booklist