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This summer thirteen-year-old Isabel Ramirez, Izzie for short, has plans—big plans. No more hanging out at the mall; no more lounging at the pool. She's launching her own lawn care business—MEW. Her first job takes her up to a wealthy neighborhood in the Oakland Hills. At first it's just for fun; she's making money and she meets two guys, Charles and Sam. But soon Sam starts making fun of Izzie—her Mexican background, her name, even her family. Then he makes her more upset, by threatening to hunt a cougar that's been spotted in nearby canyons. Izzie knows she can defend herself against Sam, but she's not so sure about the cougar. Should Izzie try to save this wild creature? Or will protecting the wildcat put her own life on the line?

"This well-written novel will appeal to a wide range of students who will enjoy the elements of adventure and mystery." VOYA

"Bledsoe creates a winning protagonist in Izzie, whose keen observations, occasionally awkward outspokenness, and independence will appeal to readers, and whose extended family is a real treat." —Kirkus Reviews