Selected Works

A novella and stories at the intersection of family, wilderness, and survival.
A tribe of survivors band together to discover the meaning of love and community.
A love story complicated by the Cold War and Civil Rights Movement.
Three women--a composer, a galley cook, and a climate change geologist--take jobs in Antarctica where they fall in love and into trouble.
A moment of simultaneous grace and injustice leads to the unraveling of three lives.
Two sisters unveil the truth about their brother's disappearance.
Lori, an adult bicycle mechanic, learns to read -- and much more.
Sports and adventure stories.
For Kids
Armchair travel to Antarctica.
Victoria saves an endangered continent.
River wants to make the WNBA!
A mountain lion prowls into an urban neighborhood.
Two girls survive in a mountain storm.

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Biting the Apple, a novel

Eve Glass, once an Olympic sprinter and now a motivational speaker, has achieved national celebrity. She's the author of two books, Going the Distance: Endurance for Achievers and If Grace is the Goal. Unfortunately, however, Eve's own endurance is waning and her confidence in her expertise on grace is paling. Worse, a former classmate has begun stalking her and threatens to go public with news of Eve's troubled past. Having been a product of other people's dreams her entire life, Eve is now a woman in search of authenticity. Biting the Apple examines our dearest held postmodern ideas about the existence of a true self and humanity as product.

"One woman's authentic search to discover what matters."
-- Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"With its appealing cast of strong, unusual women characters and its sophisticated sense of humor (a life coach who is a kleptomaniac is just one of many delicious ironies), Bledsoe’s fourth novel is a deftly written take on the search for authenticity."
-- Booklist

"Bledsoe's sleek fourth novel, packed with complex female an intelligent, introspective, and smartly sarcastic story about the shackles of the past, the pressures of a present built on falsehoods, and the promise of reinvention and renewal in the future." -- Bookmarks 10 Best Books of the Year

"A haunting and profoundly satisfying novel." -- Lambda Book Report

"This stunning novel is simultaneously lighthearted and heartbreaking, with extraordinarily memorable characters you can’t help but root for. With intelligence and elegance, it explores important themes such as authenticity, grace and self-sabotage in prose that can best be compared to the light, efficient sprint of an Olympic runner. Biting the Apple is an excellent, insightful read." -- Just Out

"Fluid and elegant." -- Jane and Jane

"There's a glow about [Eve Glass] that none of the other characters in Bledsoe's brilliant new novel seem able to resist.... What is finally so magical about Biting the Apple is Bledsoe's analysis of expectations.... In stunning prose Bledsoe captures the difficulty of letting go of these expectations--and the promising quiet that follows." --

"Few lesbian writers have Bledsoe's gift for storytelling and dialogue. Each sentence is meticulously crafted, and reads like mini works of art in and of themselves. The story and the style all come together brilliantly...." Curve Magazine